Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Green Day's American idiot (2013)

Let me start by saying that Green Day has been in the list of my top favorite bands for almost 20 years and they certainly withstand the test of time. This review is not about the band, only the music that someone decided to make into a musical.  I know this isn't a film, but who said I was limited to writing film, reviews! Exactly! So here goes.

Friday, May 17, 2013 I attended the opening show of Green Day's American Idiot in Tampa, Florida at the STRAZ center. I know, what a dorky name.  I was concerned when the first musical number started off with the three lead men off key and the microphones were to hot on one.  I was happy that they improved and so I chalk this up to human error.  The music was well preformed over all and it was just as the album is with minor narration added in, in the form of diary entries and letters to the main characters mom.  Went to see this with my Mom, by the way, and I KNOW she had no clue what the album was about because she about walked out! LOL!  My biggest complaints about this show were only a few things.  The choreography was weird and didn't always feel right.  There were several times where the chorus would come out and be  bent over doing what looked like they were pounding the floor for several minutes.  It was awkward and I wasn't feeling any emotional connection with them at that time, just confusion. Another issue I had is that I felt they could have done more with this.  They had a great album that was literally a rock opera and they just rewrote the music and created a story with it. With that said, I felt the show was engaging, vibrant, and did convey the message of the album.  Although a bit hypocritical  This was a fairly entertaining show.  The actors worked very hard and I could see that they put their all into it and for that I give them a round of applause.  Would I see this again... No... Not a chance. I'll go listen to the album if I want to go back to this story. Would I recommend seeing this?  Not at $50 bucks a ticket. I'm sure it will come out on DVD or.. just listen to the album and save your money. It was entertaining to watch but really just made me want to see a good show, like Book of Mormon! I'm excited that they will be here in November! Yay!

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